How to Prepare for a Boudoir Session



Skin care is very important 2-3 weeks before your session it is import to follow skin care due to the less breakouts you have during a session the better.

Drink plenty of water the week of your session it is great for your body and skin. 

Get plenty of sleep the night before your session. You want to be nice and rested not tired, it could show in your photos. 



We recommend brining 3-5 outfits, Lacy and solids are best.  We want the focus on your beauty not your outfits. Most women bring bras and underwear. We suggest also bringing an oversized t-shirt, fitted t-shirt, button up shirt, robes and/or something of your significant others (t-shirt, favorite sports jersey, etc.) One of the most flattering outfits are called a Teddy aka bodysuits, they are my personal favorites. The best colors are black, white, red, maroon, navy, and pastels. Stay away from bright neons.  
Where to find outfits: Victoria Secret, Torrid, Target, Forever 21 and JC penny's. The possibilities are endless. Sometimes girls have bought things from amazon and eBay but its hard to tell sizes sometimes. It is better to try things on in person to make sure you have the perfect fit. 



The best thing to do it keep it a natural bold go a little more than you normally do but not to much where you don't look like yourself. 


This is best straightened or loose curled. You can do it yourself but if you add on makeup to your package hair is included. Or just go to a local salon in your area there is so many to choose from. 



It is perfect to be nervous, this isn't something you do everyday. This is an opportunity for you to look and feel beautiful also get more confidence. I will help you with posing your body and face. The best thing for you to do is relax and don't worry. 


Make sure you wear loose fitted clothing so that you don't have red marks on your body. 
Also don't put a hair elastic on your wrist it can leave a red mark on your wrist. 

Drink plenty of water, check your bag to make sure you are not missing anything, and give yourself plenty of time to get to the studio so you aren't rushing. 
Also have fun this is going to be a great experience for you and your partner will enjoy it as well. 



The session can takes up to two weeks to be ready for viewing!

When the photos are ready we send you a link of all the edited photos, 
you choose which images based on what is included in your package.
Additional images are available for purchase as well.

We highly recommend you use our print shop for best quality. 

- Laura Elaines Photography-