How to Prepare for a Senior Session



The colors that photograph the best are neutrals, like blues, greys, whites, maroons, mustard yellows and greens. If you wear something bright and crazy it can be distracting, so please stay away from neon colors. We want the focus on you not your clothes. When choosing colors choose a main color and an accent color when having more that one color in your outfits.



When you are trying to figure out what to wear stay away from logos, sayings and characters on shirts.
We recommend choosing 3-4 outfits, it is great to have options.
When choosing your outfits you want to wear you normally wear, something a bit dressier (button-up shirts, dresses, nice jeans no holes, etc) and also if you do any sports or hobbies it is great to bring something related (ball, instrument, or uniform). 



The best shoes to wear is something comfortable and black, brown or grey. We do not photograph feet much but if you want to color pop that could be creative. 


When choosing jewelry you want to make sure they match with the color scheme or they don't stand out. If you love bright colors and glam it is fun to color pop, if you wear grey have your jewlery a fun bright color within the scheme of your outfit. Sun hats or favorite ball caps are also a great thing to bring to the session.  



The best thing to do it keep it a natural bold go a little more than you normally do but not to much where you don't look like yourself. 

For hair you can keep it like your normally do but its a good idea to style a little more than you normally do. 



Drink plenty of water. 

Get your all your outfits ready and on hangers. It helps from wrinkling and easier to find when you are getting ready.  

Give yourself plenty of time to get ready so there is no stress of rushing to the shoot or being late. 
Also please don't put a hair elastic on your wrist it can leave a red mark on your wrist. 

Have fun this is going to be a great experience for you.
We love to capture you having fun along with some traditional portraits. 
We will help you with the rest at the session. 



The session can takes up to two weeks to be ready for viewing!

When the photos are ready we send you a link of all the edited photos, 
you choose which images based on what is included in your package.
Additional images are available for purchase as well.

We highly recommend you use our print shop for best quality. 

-Laura Elaines Photography-